Shark Bridge Bingo


If you live in or are familiar with Enid, Oklahoma, then you know all about the Maine Street Bridge – it has been hit by over 50 trucks. So the City took a proactive approach in an attempt to thwart the collisons and they painted it with giant shark teeth.  But alas, trucks are still hitting it.  The bridge has its own facebook page here and it’s become a favorite pastime to get pictures of the various wrecks.

We have created randomly generated Bingo cards with different options on them – things like: did it get stuck? did it take the top off? beer truck? snack truck? heading east? heading west? blue? green? red? etc.

You can pay $5 for a Shark Bridge Bingo card to play along.  It may take a long time to get a Bingo or it might happen pretty quickly – the hits seem to keep coming.  There are generally photos of the trucks so the spots will be verified.

If you get a hit on your card, you mark it and put the date so we can compare the dates with the photos to verify your card.

We do not apologize for thinking it’s ridiculous when trucks run into a bridge with yellow caution paint, flashing lights, written words, and giant shark teeth.

Pay here and your cards will be delivered to you.